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As many of you may know the concept of Major League Fishing is a product of a conversation Gary Klein and I had in a parking lot, during practice for Bassmaster Classic on The Red River. Since that day in 2009, numerous individuals have devoted countless hours into developing Major League Fishing, and ultimately the MLF Bass Pro Tour.

In just a few short days the fruits of that labor will be realized as the inaugural Stage One of the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour will begin. Eighty of the world’s top professional anglers will converge on Kissimmee, FL from Jan. 29 to Feb. 3 in hopes of securing the $100,000 top prize, and with that, the prestige of being the first Bass Pro Tour champion.

What I am trying to wrap my head around at the moment is the fact that I will be one of those anglers. Throughout my life I have juggled several different business obligations, while at the same time pursuing my career as a professional angler. Finding that balance has been easier at certain times than others, but I have always been willing to make the sacrifices and adjustments it took to give it my all.

However this time things are different, and quite frankly the stakes seem higher. As a co-founder of Major League Fishing I feel an inherent obligation to be involved in every aspect of the planning, execution, and ultimately the success of the Bass Pro Tour. With that level of involvement on a daily basis, my dedication and preparation on the angling side of the equation has taken a back seat, and that is a sacrifice I am totally fine with making.

When my boat official says "lines in" on my first competition day, I am going to compete with everything I have in hopes of being the first Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour champion. Whether or not my lack of preparation will affect the likelihood of that occurring is yet to be seen. One thing I do know however, is no matter the outcome for me personally, I am going to enjoy every second of the inaugural event in Florida, and I hope you do as well!


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