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20FT DEEP is an online video series consisting of a number of short-form documentaries, each approximately 30 to 60 minutes in length, that will be unveiled over the course of the year.  The focus of each feature will be solely on unearthing and documenting the hidden stories from within the world of professional bass fishing that the fans may or may not know about.


"This series is not about learning how to catch fish or on-the-water instruction," explained Mark Jeffreys, Managing Partner for Z3 MEDIA LLC, the company behind the 20FT DEEP series. "This video series is about going below the surface and really digging into some of the most compelling people, places and things that have transpired over the years in professional bass fishing." 


“When you take over 25 years in the fishing industry and combine it with the relationship that Z3 MEDIA has developed with professional anglers, it brings the product to another level and takes the viewer to places that have never been explored before in the bass fishing game,” Jeffreys explained.  “It all comes down to telling the stories that have never been told.” 

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Forty 9th

Filmed and Produced in 2019

The end of the 2018 professional bass fishing season was a turbulent time for the world of professional bass fishing.  The long time platform for so many of the best anglers in the world, the Bassmaster Elite Series, witnessed anglers depart for a new league, Major League Fishing's Bass Pro Tour.  But 36 of those anglers remained to be part of the 52 angler field in the 49th Bassmaster Classic in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

It was a different vibe than any other previous Bassmaster Classic.

The 20FT DEEP crew captured that vibe in the latest documentary, "FORTY 9th".


Filmed by Matt Pangrac, Dave Rush,

                  Mark Jeffreys

Produced by Mark Jeffreys


Dancing with the Devil

Filmed and Produced in 2018

The 'Dancing with the Devil - The Life of Bob' documentary captures the complexity of life after success and failure.  Over the course of a year, we worked on the complex story of how a Bassmaster Classic Champion fell from being at the top of the game, to hitting rock bottom where he pawned the game’s most coveted trophy to pay the bills. This rollercoaster ride from Lake Logan Martin in 1992 to Hamilton’s 2006 exit of the Bassmaster Elite Series is stunning, dark and incredible." 


Filmed by Matt Pangrac

Produced by Mark Jeffreys


The Million Dollar Idea

Filmed and Produced in 2017

The creation of the Chatterbait.  From the beginning to the winning, the 20FT DEEP crew gives you the insight on the untold story of how this lure went from a quiet idea, to a multi-million dollar product in the bass fishing industry.  How did this happen?

Filmed by Dave Rush

Produced by Mark Jeffreys


The Guntersville Effect

Filmed and Produced in 2016

Why have so many professional anglers relocated to Lake Guntersville in Alabama?  There are more FLW Cup and Bassmaster Classic Champions living on G'ville than any other lake in the country.  Why?

Filmed by Matt Pangrac

Produced by Mark Jeffreys


Knowing Mr. Kennedy

Filmed and Produced in 2015

Everything from Steve Kennedy’s start in tournament fishing, his perspective on sponsors, his record setting performance on Clear Lake in 2007 and much more. This is a documentary that will open your eyes and give you a different opinion about the dedication and intellect that it takes to be successful at the highest level.

Filmed by Matt Pangrac

Produced by Mark Jeffreys


Ike's Way

Filmed and Produced in 2014

Never before has there been a documented story of the ups and downs of Professional Angler, Mike Iaconelli. Now, see the side of Mike Iaconelli that people rarely get to view. This is the IKE Way.....

Filmed and Produced by

Mark Jeffreys

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