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From 1995 – 2010, North Carolina’s Marty Stone competed in over 230 professional bass tournaments with both B.A.S.S. and FLW. Stone recorded 20 Top 10 finishes, including a Bassmaster Top 150 win in 1999 and a Bassmaster Tour win in 2004, and qualified for four Bassmaster Classics and Four Forrest Wood Cups. In 2011 he retired from professional fishing and entered the business world. He also took on the role of on-the-water analyst for the then newly formed Major League fishing television show. He would continue to do both until the end of 2018, when the formation of the Bass Pro Tour created the opportunity to work full-time for MLF. He is now full-time Director Event Research and Program Analyst and MLF NOW! Live stream analyst for the Bass Pro Tour and can be seen every competition day breaking down the action for the viewers. Here’s what Stone told The BASS ZONE about his evolving role with Major League Fishing and the tough business and career decisions that he has had to face over the past year:


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