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Megaware KeelGuard, a global leader in innovative boat protection products for more than 25 years, announces the signing of Major League Fishing (MLF) Bass Pro Tour angler James "Worldwide" Watson to its pro team.

The Missouri-based angler has been a quick- rising star in bass fishing circles since going pro in 2010. His fishing successes - including three FLW Cups, one Bassmaster Classic and three wins among B.A.S.S., FLW and MLF events - and his entertaining personality have made him well known and a crowd favorite everywhere tournaments take him.

"James is a highly likeable guy that is simply an angler's angler," said Megaware KeelGuard's Tori Reed. "People can really relate to him because he's fun to watch, tells it like it is and has the kind of do-it-yourself common sense approach to everything he does. That makes him a great fit for representing our company and our lineup of DIY products." It was Megaware KeelGuard that in 1992 introduced the way for boat owners to buy a self-application keel guard to address one of boating's most common encounters - damage to the keel.  "You know, I don't think these guys picked me because I tear my boats up, but rather because I take care of them," Watson said. "I'm thrilled with the association since they are the innovators of so many great and practical products to keep boats looking good and on top of the water where you always want your boat to be. It's also cool that I'll get to rub elbows with the KeelGuard folks at MLF events; they're as good as they're products." Megaware's keel protectors have earned their places on watercraft of all kinds and sizes, including Coast Guard fleets. They come in several different colors and sizes to fit a wide range of boat lengths, and custom sizes are also available.

In 2016, the company developed a similar protective product for pontoons to protect sides of their aluminum tubes against scrapes by docks and other obstacles.

SkegGuard and SkegPro are additional products in the lineup, but are designed to protect a motor's most vulnerable-to-underwater-hazards parts, the skeg, and can even repair or replace a broken skeg. The FlexStep Pro, an adjustable trailer step, is one of Megaware's newest products. The lightweight and easy-to-install accessory makes it easier and safer for anglers to get in and out of a boat on its trailer.

On Watson's boat is the original Hamby's keel protector. Hamby's is part of the Megaware family of brands and is a popular professionally-installed choice of many tournament bass anglers across the country.    "I don't know if it's my Army training or the fact that I've always had a 'take care of my equipment' attitude, but I can assure you'll always find Megaware KeelGuard products on my boats whether sponsored or not because they're the best on the market at protecting my 'office,'" Watson said about his boat.

Megaware KeelGuard is also one of MLF's longest-running sponsors.

"We've always liked the MLF format and for us to be involved with them is good for our company and the many retailers who carry our products," said Megaware KeelGuard President David Shumway. "James will be a good guy for fans to root for during the new Bass Pro Tour events and we're pleased to have him flying our colors."

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