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Duckett Fishing doesn’t mess around when it comes to the quality of its products. After countless hours, days, months, years of development and product testing, Black Ice has arrived. The newest and highest-performing bait-casting and spinning rods ever released from Duckett Fishing offers anglers a combination of features and benefits never before seen in one rod. 

“I was challenged to create the best fishing rod ever, and that is exactly what I set out to achieve,” said Boyd Duckett, owner of Duckett Fishing. “I knew this wasn’t a mission that I would achieve in just a few months. We took our time, and the end product certainly is representative of the talent and detail we have all put into this one rod.” 

Black Ice delivers its super-light and sensitive qualities without taking away from the power and balance in hand. Featuring the highest grades of graphite and our proprietary multi-modulus X-helical coil construction, paired with Duckett Fishing’s rod-building process, Black Ice enables anglers to deliver tournament-winning results.

“It’s my mission to teach other anglers tricks and techniques for catching more bass, and hands down, Black Ice is the most effective change anyone can make to their game,” said Timmy Horton, Duckett Fishing Pro Staff member and top competitor on the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour.

Black Ice features include:

Incredibly lightweight blanksMulti-modulus X-helical coil constructionMilitary-grade, high-modulus, low-resin graphiteTwo layers of carbon fiber, base layer and an external layerHalf sand blank construction, adding durability and minimizing weight

Black Ice features proprietary Duckett Fishing components including:

KIGAN-reinforced, plasma-coated guidesZirconia inserts for enhanced performance and durabilityDouble-flanged tip, minimizing insert lossDuckett Fishing split reel seat for better transmission of vibration for heightened sensitivityDouble-foot elevated stripper guide, adding strength and smoother transitionTriple Grade A cork grip for maximized sensitivityEVA foregrip and butt for comfort and durability

Being the finest rod ever produced by the Duckett Fishing team, all Black Ice products will feature an unconditional lifetime warranty.

To learn more about Duckett Fishing, its ProStaff and its products, visit, or on Facebook.


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