IT'S 1 ON 1......

The field size will consist of two, 1 ON 1 ANGLERS in each in their own boat.


The lake for each 1 ON 1 LIVE event will be issued by the Challenger.  The area of the lake will be selected by the Event Director.  The main factor for lake selection is cell service coverage for the LIVE feed.  Every angler will issue and accept the challenge, without knowing  the defined fishing area on the lake that will be selected for the challenge by the Event Director.



The entry fee is determined by the agreed upon 1 ON 1 Challenge between the two anglers.  Challenge entry fees will range from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $10,000.  Events in excess of $10,000 can be approved by 1 ON 1 Director upon a written request. 

There will be an event service fee based upon the dollar amount of the entry fee that will be charged to each angler.  (see chart below)

                        Event               Event 

  Entry Fee    Service %     Service Fee


$     500.00       20.00%          $100.00

$     750.00       20.00%          $150.00  

$  1,000.00       15.00%          $150.00

$  1,250.00       15.00%          $187.50

$  1,500.00       15.00%          $225.00

$  1,750.00       15.00%          $262.50

$  2,000.00       15.00%          $300.00

$  2,500.00       12.50%          $312.50

$  3,000.00       12.50%          $375.00

$  3,500.00       10.00%          $350.00

$  4,000.00       10.00%          $400.00

$  4,500.00         9.00%          $405.00

$  5,000.00         8.50%          $425.00

$  6,000.00         8.00%          $480.00

$  7,000.00         7.50%          $525.00

$  8,000.00         7.00%          $560.00

$  9,000.00         6.50%          $585.00

$10,000.00         6.00%          $600.00 


Greater than $10,000, rates are negotiable


Entry fees must be paid and received by the 1 ON 1 Director, no later than 14 days prior to the event or the event will be cancelled.  Entry forms will be emailed once a Challenge has been accepted.



  1. All 1 ON 1 events will be LIVE Streamed on YouTube.  Now you get the National exposure of you game and make money, beating one angler on the water.  Replays will also be available on the BASS ZONE website, YouTube and the 1 ON 1 LIve website.

The competition will be comprised of two (2) halves. 

  • For events less than $1,500 each half will be 60 minutes.

  • For events $1,500 and less than $5,000, each half will be 90 minutes.

  • For events $5,000 or greater, each half will be 120 minutes

  • For events greater than $5,000, game time is negotiable

  • Halftime will be 15 minutes



Each 1 ON 1 LIVE competitor will have the opportunity to sell their own logo branding during the 1 ON 1 LIVE event.  Anglers will retain 100% of branding revenue on the LIVE Stream page for their event.  Sponsors will pay for the branding directly to the anglers participating.  Anglers will provide the 1 ON 1 Media Department with branding at least 2 or more business days prior to the scheduled LIVE event.  This is a FIRST in the bass fishing tournament business of which participating anglers receive 100% of branding revenue the anglers produce.   Placement of the branding will be on the LIVE stream page, on the right, left or bottom of the page.  Size specs for the branding will be announced soon.


  1. During all days of competition, 1 ON 1 Anglers will fish 2 or 3 hours, depending on entry fee, that will be divided into two halves, with a 15 minute intervals between the end of the first half and and the beginning of the second half.

  2. Prior to the start of the first half, 1 ON 1 Anglers will be in position for the first cast anywhere in the permitted fishing area.

  3. During Halftime, no 1 ON 1 Angler will be allowed to fish.

    • All competition dates and times subject to change based on actual and predicted weather conditions.

  4. Anglers will receive (1) ONE Hour of Official Practice prior to the official start of the Challenge.




  1. Participation in 1 ON 1 Events is open all Anglers as determined and approved by 1 ON 1 LIVE. Anglers must be at least 18 years of age.  All anglers will be required to sign a liability consent form. - CLICK HERE


  1. 1 ON 1 Anglers must adhere to all federal, state and local laws. 1 ON 1 Boat Officials are required to contact the 1 ON 1 Director with any questions or concerns about an Angler’s potential action that may violate a law. A 1 ON 1 Boat Official must immediately report an Angler’s violation of a law to the 1 ON 1 Director. Based on the set of circumstances in connection with the violation, the 1 ON 1 Director may issue an immediate penalty and or disqualification.

  2. Boats for tournament competition will be supplied by 1 ON 1 Anglers and will be fully equipped with all essentials to meet state water safety requirements.

  3. The 1 ON 1 Director has the right to delay, shorten or cancel the start of an event because of bad weather or other factors that would endanger the safety of the competitors. Competition waters may also be restricted at any time because of bad weather. We will be monitoring the weather at all times during the competition day and will communicate to your 1 ON 1 Boat Official via phone.

  4. In the event that dangerous conditions develop, 1 ON 1 will suspend the competition for all participants and instruct you to immediately take cover. If at any time you feel you are in danger, and your 1 ON 1 Boat Official HAS NOT been contacted, you should take cover and immediately contact the 1 ON 1 Director. The 1 ON 1 Director will suspend the competition until the conditions have improved.



  1. Competitors are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. Any violation of the standards may be deemed cause for disqualification. (SEE Sportsmanship and Flagrant Sportsmanship Violations, definition and penalties, Rules 21s and 21t).

  2. Use of alcohol or drugs (other than drugs purchased over-the-counter or prescribed by a licensed physician) by any competitor during 1 ON 1 Events could be cause for automatic disqualification.

  3. Maximum courtesy must be practiced at all times, especially with regard to boating and angling in the vicinity of non-competitors who may be on tournament waters.

  4. 1 ON 1 Boat Officials have the responsibility of reporting to the 1 ON 1 Director a 1 ON 1 Angler’s sportsmanship violation or a flagrant violation for any act that reflects unfavorably upon efforts to promote fisheries conservation and/or clean waters.



  1. Interpretation and enforcement of rules shall be left exclusively to the 1 ON 1 Director and/or his assigned designees at the competition.

  2. In the event of a rule violation, the 1 ON 1 Director and/or his designees may impose such sanctions as disqualification and/or prohibition from participation in subsequent 1 ON 1 Competitions.

  3. Subject to appeal, the decision of the 1 ON 1 Director and/or his designees, or a special rules committee established by the 1 ON 1 Director shall be final in all matters.



  1. A fully trained 1 ON 1 Boat Official will accompany each 1 ON 1 Angler throughout each day’s competition.  The 1 ON 1 Boat Official will also be the camera person.

  2. Each boat will be equipped with a LIVE camera that will showcase the event on YouTube.   The 1 ON 1 Director will provide 1 ON 1 Anglers with a Scoreboard that shows the status of the event’s leader.

  3. The duties of the 1 ON 1 Boat Official will be to verify the angler’s process to weigh and record the weight of each scorable catch.  Each angler will weigh their own catch and the 1 ON 1 Boat Official will verify the weight by having the angler show the scale to the camera.  The 1 ON 1 Boat Official will then call out the official weight and notify the 1 ON 1 Director to update the 1 ON 1 scoreboard.

  4. The 1 ON 1 Boat Official will serve as rules enforcer and the official scorekeeper.

  5. Specific Penalty Violations will be assessed “on the spot” by the 1 ON 1 Boat Official and all other violations will be reported to the 1 ON 1 Directory.

  6. Rules decisions made by a 1 ON 1 Boat Official are considered final, unless a 1 ON 1 Angler chooses to submit a written protest to the 1 ON 1 Director.



  1. All 1 ON 1 Events shall utilize the term “scorable bass". A scorable bass is any bass caught that weighs one (1) pound or greater. Any bass caught that weighs less than one (1) pound shall be deemed “un-scorable.”

  2. Weight is now the sole determining factor for a bass being scorable or un-scorable. Length is no longer a factor in the scorablity of bass caught. This effectively eliminates the need and use of measuring boards in 1 ON 1 events.

  3. There is no limit to the number of scorable bass a 1 ON 1 Angler can catch and record during 1 ON 1 Event competition.

  4. Only the 1 ON 1 Angler will handle bass caught during competition. Once a bass is caught, the bass will be set onto the official scale by the 1 ON 1 Angler.

  5. The 1 ON 1 Boat Official will view the official scale and place the video camera in a position to view the scale weight. The bass must be held steady, allowing the scale to be clearly read first by the 1 ON 1 Boat Official in full view of the streaming camera.

  6. Should the bass be less than one (1) pound, the 1 ON 1 Official shall announce it to be un-scorable. Should the bass be more than one (1) pound, the official will proceed to call the weight.

  7. The 1 ON 1 Boat Official will call the weight. If the call is challenged by the 1 ON 1 Angler, the 1 ON 1 angler will zero the scale and the angler re-weigh the bass a maximum of two (2) additional times and then the 1 ON 1 Boat Official will make the final call, “the official weight is”. The bass cannot be dipped into the water between re-weighs.

  8. After the official weight is announced (or after a bass is deemed un-scorable) the 1 ON 1 Angler is to remove the bass from the scale, properly release the bass into the water and resume fishing.

  9. The 1 ON 1 Boat Official will immediately communicate the weight to the 1 ON 1 Director via phone and the score will be updated on the official 1 ON 1 scoreboard, viewable on the live stream screen.

  10. Should a 1 ON 1 Angler catch a bass on a bait which is illegal in the waters being fished, the bass caught will be deemed a non-scorable bass. If the 1 ON 1 Boat Official discovers that an illegal bait is being used, he may warn the 1 ON 1 Angler that no bass caught with the illegal bait will be scored. The Boat Official may require a 1 ON 1 Angler’s bait be shown to him in which case the 1 ON 1 Angler must allow him to inspect the bait for its lawfulness.



  1. The 1 ON 1 scoreboard clock will serve as the “Official Clock.”

  2. At the ends of halves, the 1 ON 1 Angler will be clearly notified by the 1 ON 1 Boat Official when the period competition is coming to an end and when 1 ON 1 Angler must stop fishing. The only deviations to the scheduled ends of periods will be if all 1 ON 1 Anglers receive extra competition time because of an Official Time Out due to a Mechanical Failure, Medical Emergency, Weather, or Streaming Production Equipment Failure, as called by the 1 ON 1 Director.

  3. Regarding the final cast of any period, any bass hooked on the final cast must be “inside the boat” - visibly inside the gunnel - before the time expires.

  4. The legality or illegality of a period-end catch will be determined by the 1 ON 1 Boat Official.



  1. Anglers will be limited to (12) rods, (12) reels and (12) tackle containers : Plastic or soft sided .   Containers for boating / motor equipment are not counted as part of the 12 containers.  There is NO size limit to the containers.

  2. Use of nets and grippers for landing bass is prohibited.

  3. Only artificial lures can be used.

  4. All bass must be caught in a conventional sporting manner.

  5. Any bass caught while “visually fishing” must be hooked inside the mouth and verified by the 1 ON 1 Boat Official before being unhooked. The weight of a bass caught by the technique of “visual fishing” can only be scored once during that day.

  6. 1 ON 1 Anglers will be permitted the use of a lure retriever; however, 1 ON 1 Anglers must supply their own lure retriever.



  1. NO INFORMATION RULE: A 1 ON 1 Angler shall not pursue any action of any kind that may give that 1 ON 1 Angler a competitive advantage during competition.

    All 1 ON 1 Anglers CAN NOT speak to anyone about information for to purpose of  locating fish, on the body of water schedule for the 1 ON 1 event, leading up to the scheduled 1 ON 1 event, within seven (7) days 12:00am (midnight) prior to the scheduled 1 ON 1 event.  1 ON 1 Anglers MAY use any mapping or GPS device including boat electronics, cell phones, tablets or computers to research any information about the event body of water.  ONLY website information searchable on Google will be allowed.  NO hidden or newly formed websites will be allowed to research information.  Any newly formed website 30 days prior to the schedule event must be approved for viewing by the 1 ON 1 Director.

    Should a 1 ON 1 Angler receive information that potentially gives him a competitive advantage, the angler is required to share that information with the 1 ON 1 Director. The 1 ON 1 Director shall determine whether this information should be subsequently shared with other 1 ON 1 Anglers.

    This No Information Rule will be governed by a Truth Verification Test.
    (Penalty – 1 ON 1 Director: Sharing Information, Result: Monetary Fine(s) and/or Disqualification)

  2. GPS STORED WAYPOINTS: Pre-determined, user-generated GPS waypoints will be allowed.

  3. OFF LIMITS: Waters are off limits one (1) day 12:00am midnight, prior to the event.
    (Penalty – 1 ON 1 Director: Disqualification)

  4. ENCROACHMENT RULE: There is no official buoy distance rule. However, at no time is a 1 ON 1 Angler allowed to interfere with another 1 ON 1 Angler’s line. If a 1 ON 1 Angler purposely casts close to another 1 ON 1 Angler and hooks into his line, the casting 1 ON 1 Angler will be penalized.
    (Penalty – Official: Hooking other’s line, 2 Min., stop fishing when line untangled)

  5. LANDING BASS: While landing bass, the bass will be allowed to touch the carpet or any other part of the boat inside the gunnel at any time during the landing the fish process.
    Additionally, 1 ON 1 Anglers are allowed to cradle bass or allow bass that he is landing to touch his body.

  6. RELEASING BASS: When releasing any bass that is scorable or un-scorable, the 1 ON 1 Angler’s hand must be at gunnel level or closer to the water. No flipping or tossing of a bass.
    (Penalty – Official: Fish release violation, 2 Minutes immediate, stop fishing)

  7. SECOND LINE: A 1 ON 1 Angler will NOT be allowed to utilize a second line in the water.

  8. LEAVING BOAT TO FISH: 1 ON 1 Anglers may not leave the boat for the purpose of fishing. Leaving the boat to assist in landing a hooked bass, as an act of fishing, will result in a penalty. Although penalized, if a 1 ON 1 Angler retrieves a scorable bass, the fish will count. Leaving the boat for non-fishing reasons is allowed without a penalty.
    Furthermore, the Boat Official and / or camera operator may not leave the boat to help the angler for any reason. The exception for the Boat Official is he may only leave the boat in a situation where the integrity of the game is at risk. The exception for the camera operator may leave the boat for alternate filming angles, but never to help the angler.

  9. OUT OF BOUNDS: 1 ON 1 Anglers will compete in a pre-determined zone for the event. The boat must be positioned inside the zone boundaries. Fishing outside of the boundaries is allowed as long as the boat position remains inside the boundaries. Any boat position outside the zone will result in a penalty.
    (Penalty – Official: Boat out of Bounds, 15 Minutes immediate, stop fishing)

  10. GRAPHING: Graphing during halftime in order to locate bass is NOT allowed.

  11. PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE: Each 1 ON 1 Angler must wear a Coast Guard-approved chest-type life preserver. The 1 ON 1 Angler’s life preserver must be strapped, snapped or zippered securely and maintained in that condition any time the angler’s boat is on plane. The PFD is not required to be zipped, strapped or snapped while idling. The 1 ON 1 Boat Official's life preserver must be on before the boat is put on plane.

  12. KILL SWITCH: The 1 ON 1 Angler or other appointed driver must have his boat’s kill switch connected any time the combustion engine is in gear.

  13. SPORTSMANSHIP: A Sportsmanship Violation is defined as aggressive or hostile behavior directed at a fellow 1 ON 1 Angler, 1 ON 1 Boat Official, a non-competitor or any representative of 1 ON 1, including the use of profanity directed at these individuals, will not be tolerated. 1 ON 1 Boat Officials are required to report violations.

  14. FLAGRANT VIOLATION: A flagrant violation for any act that reflects unfavorably upon the positive efforts of 1 ON 1, 1 ON 1 sponsors, spectators, fisheries conservation, and clean waters will not be tolerated.

  15. MECHANICAL FAILURE: If a 1 ON 1 Angler experiences mechanical failure during 1 ON 1 competition, the angler will not be allowed to switch boats but can return to ramp for repairs.

  16. IMPEDANCE: The 1 on 1 Angler cannot knowingly put the Boat Official or camera operator in a situation where they are unable to perform their job. This includes being in an area where there is no cellular connectivity with the live streaming equipment for more than 10 consecutive minutes.
    Once the boat enters an area where the streaming equipment loses connectivity, the Boat Official will announce “We have lost cell service connectivity. You have 10 minutes before you must return to an area of cell service connectivity.” Once the 10 consecutive minutes has elapsed, the Boat Official will announce “You have reached your 10 minutes of cell service connectivity loss. You must stop fishing and return to an area of cell service connectivity.” At this point the 1 ON 1 Angler must immediately stop fishing and return the boat to an area cell servic connectivity. Failure to do so will result in a penalty.

        (Penalty – Boat Official, Impedance Violation, 15 mins once cell service connectivity is reestablished)