Established in 1995……Redefined in 2010 and Beyond
  • The Z3 Media team members come from a variety of backgrounds, including 20+ years in the bass fishing business, regional professional sports television, live streaming productions, medical industry production and high school sports television. Owned by Mark Jeffreys, the company draws from his 30+ years experience in production and web management technology. 
  • Z3 Media redefined the company focus in 2010 and has since built a strong reputation for streaming live content via the web, producing audio content for podcasting and producing short video documentaries, specifically covering high school sports and professional bass fishing.
  • Today, Z3 Media specializes in web development of live content while creating a strong brand presence on our digital assets.  Filming, production and rendering of video content for companies, organizations and individuals to showcase their ideas, talents, products and skills within their marketplace, has become a driving asset for our company. Z3 Media’s diverse clientele creates a unique environment where each digital marketing effort, garners individualized attention and a fresh perspective.
 As Z3 Media looks to the future, the team will continue to embrace the latest technical advancements to provide an exceptional web presence combined with quality video and production services.
Moore, Oklahoma 73160
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