Posted by Z3 MEDIA STAFF on 06/02/2017

Story courtesy of Hayabusa U.S.A. Inc.

Hayabusa U.S.A., Inc., the Headquarter Hayabusa Fishing Hooks Co., Ltd. (“Hayabusa”) in Japan, is excited to announce 3 additional members to their U.S.A. National Pro Staff.  Hayabusa U.S.A. has signed multi-year agreements with Bassmaster Elite Series Anglers, Matt Herren and Cliff Pirch as well as FLW Tour Angler, Bryan Schmitt.
Hayabusa is the #1 selling bass fishing hook in Japan and is also known for their popular saltwater line, including the world renown SABIKI product.

“Saltwater manufacturers often bring innovation to the bass market” said Clifford Pirch “Hayabusa’s NRB fluorine coated hooks are super sharp and strong.  They also cut down on rust which is huge when you have thousands invested in hardbaits.”

Bryan Schmitt was recently victorious at the Mississippi River, FLW Tour event.  Schmitt utilized Hayabusa hooks in the process and says he has been able to “turn more bites into more fish in the boat with Hayabusa hooks”.

Matt Herren stated “I have been using Hayabusa hooks for the past 3 years and the FPP straight shank is my go to.  Undoubtedly the best quality products I have seen from any hook manufacture, ever.”

“We have been able to put together an awesome group of anglers that believe in Hayabusa hooks and terminal accessories.” says Kurt Dove, Hayabusa U.S.A., Inc, General Manager.  “We look forward to continued growth in our products and success as Hayabusa is used by more and more anglers in the United States.”