Posted by Z on 05/16/2017

Beginning today, May 16th, 2017, a new feature has been added to the BASS ZONE digital features.  "Dialed In" will offer viewers a chance to call in and leave their thoughts on anything in the bass fishing world.  Good, bad, ugly, nice, tournaments, tackle, boats, people, places and whatever the viewers want to voice, now the bass fishing fans will have a voice platform to convey their thoughts.

"We realize the value in everyone having an opinion on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all other social media, said Mark Jeffreys, creator of Z3 Media Digital Assets.  "But nothing can compare to the power of the voice."

Viewers will be able to leave their thoughts on the Dialed In system then, selected thoughts via audio will air on the BASS TALK LIVE studio show and iTunes replays.  "Viewers can offer suggestions for guests, give props to people, praise items in the bass fishing industry and voice their frustrations about whatever in the bass fishing world.  It's not just a place to vent, but an opportunity highlight an outstanding person, situation or event that makes the bass fishing game better," said Jeffreys.

The Dialed In line will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Some viewers leaving thoughts on the Dialed In feature will receive and invitation to join the BTL, BASS TALK LIVE Show as a guest.  "We want to showcase an opportunity to get the viewer and listeners involved," said Jeffreys.  "Now, we just need opinions and thoughts from the viewers and we will start the process of featuring the viewer's voice."

If you are ready to dial in your thoughts, you can get dialed in right now TOLL FREE at 844-665-7655.