Posted by Z3 MEDIA STAFF on 01/08/2018

Moore, OK - When the first cast is made of the 2018 Bassmaster Elite Series on Lake Martin in Alabama on February 8th, seven anglers in the 111 angler field will be at least 60-years old.    

Here’s a rundown of the seven:  
Rick Clunn – 71 (July 24th, 1946)

Pail Elias – 66 (May 19th, 1951)

Bernie Shultz – 63 (September 4th, 1954)

Shaw Grigsby – 61 (May 11th, 1956)

David Fritts – 61 (December 29th, 1956)

Gary Klein - 60 (October 11th, 1957)

Tommy Biffle – 59 (February 6th, 1958)*
*While Tommy Biffle is currently only 59, he will turn 60 two days before the first day of the 2018 Elite Series season begins.  

Here are some additional stats about Clunn, Elias, Schultz, Grigsby, Fritts, Klein, and Biffle heading into the 2018 Elite Series season:  
-2,385 Bassmaster tournaments fished  

-6 Bassmaster Classic titles (Clunn – 4, Elias – 1, Fritts -1)

-128 Bassmaster Classic appearances

-50 Bassmaster wins

-433 Bassmaster Top 10 finishes

-$12,000,000+ in career earnings

Out of the seven anglers, Rick Clunn has fished the most Bassmaster Tournaments with a total of 439.   

The seven anglers have each fished an average of 340 tournaments each in their careers with B.A.S.S. (Fritts has only fished 175 with B.A.S.S., but has an additional 160 events with FLW).  

They have combined for over 250 years of tournament experience with B.A.S.S.

Taking an average of five days on the water per tournament (two to three practice days and three competition days) , these seven anglers have each averaged roughly 1,700 days on the water in either official practice or official competition over the course of their careers. 

Roughly estimating that each tournament is three days of competition and that each angler is making two casts per minute of competition (eight hour competition day), these seven anglers have combined to make over 6.8 million casts in Bassmaster competition. 

Rick Clunn has the most recent win out of the group of seven.  In 2016, he won the Elite Series stop on the St. Johns River with a 4-day total weight of 81-pounds, 14-ounces.  

In the 12 year history of the Elite Series (which began in 2006), Tommy Biffle leads the way with four Elite Series wins.   Clunn has one (2016), Elias has one (2008 on Flacon Lake), Grigsby has one (2011 on the Harris Chain). 

If each angler has averaged a 20 mile round trip each day of competition over the course of their careers, they have combined to travel roughly 143,000 miles during Bassmaster tournament competition.  That’s nearly six times around the circumference of the earth. 

Over the course of their careers, the seven anglers have fished B.A.S.S. tournaments in 29 states. 

They have combined to weigh-in over 64,572 pounds of bass over the course of their careers (an average of 9,224 pounds per angler). 

If the average bass that hits the tournament scales weighs 2 ½ pounds, these seven anglers have combined to weigh-in over 25,000 bass over the course of their careers.