Posted by Z3 MEDIA STAFF on 04/13/2013

Story by Matt Pangrac - Photos courtesy of FLW Outdoors Communications

Rogers, AR – Day three at the FLW Tour Major on Arkansas’ Beaver Lake saw a change at the top of the leaderboard for the third consecutive day.   On Saturday, Jason Christie jumped into the lead after toting an impressive 20-4 limit to the scales to boost his three day total weight to 47-7.  

Brandon Coulter, who entered Saturday as the tournament leader, brought a limit weighing 13-pounds to the scales and dropped to 2nd overall with a total weight of 44-15.  Kentucky’s Shawn Murphy jumped to 3rd place on Saturday after turning in his best effort of the week.  With a limit weighing 16-11, Murphy will enter championship Sunday just over 3-pounds behind Christie.  

The 5 Day Three Facts:
Tournament:  FLW Tour Major (April 11-14)
Location:  Beaver Lake – Rogers, Arkansas 
Leader/weight:  Jason Christie (10-5, 16-14, 20-4: 47-7)
2nd place weight: Brandon Coulter (44-15)
Total weight separating 1st place from 10th place: 9-7

1st Place: Jason Christie (10-5, 16-14, 20-4: 47-7)
What were your expectations heading into the day?
“On a scale of one to 10, I’d say that my confidence level was about at a six.  I really felt like I could catch some fish, but I didn’t know if the quality would be there. I figured something out on the second day when I brought in over 16-pounds.”  

How would you summarize your day as a whole?
“I caught between 16- and 17-pounds today in the first 15 minutes of the morning.  I left that school of fish because I didn’t want to hurt them.  I went to another school of fish and caught a 4 ½-pounder.  After that, I just went looking for more schools of bass.  I found one new school later in the day and I culled once more.  I probably caught a dozen keepers over the course of the day.” 

Was there a key moment for you during the day? 
“The key moment for me today had to be the first three or four casts.  Once I got on the right line and made the right cast, it was pretty fun.” 

What was the most challenging/surprising aspect of your day?
“The biggest surprise was the quality of the fish that I caught. There’s really no way to tell if you’re going to catch 20-pounds on Beaver Lake.  The bass just kind of run up and smack you in the face and that’s what happened today. I knew that I could catch some fish, but I didn’t know if they were going to be 2-pounders or 4-pounders.”

How would you assess your decision making and execution on the water?
“I put everything in the boat today and didn’t miss any fish.  Tomorrow, the toughest decision that I’m going to have to make is when to stay and when to go.  I have some areas that I have a lot of confidence in, but the main thing is deciding when to leave and when to stay.” 

2nd Place: Brandon Coulter (17-5, 14-12, 13-0: 44-15)
What were your expectations heading into the day?
“I kind of knew that today was going to be a grind, and I was just hoping to have a decent day three.  Traditionally, day three weights on Beaver Lake are lower.  I just wanted to hang in there and give myself a chance on Sunday.” 

How would you summarize your day as a whole?
“At 11:30, I only had one keeper.  I kind of knew the whole time that I’d go a few hours without a fish and then all of the sudden I’d catch two or three.  I caught five keeper largemouth today and three keeper spotted bass, but I weighed-in all five of my largemouth.”

Was there a key moment for you during the day? 
“At 11:00, I was one stretch of bank away from leaving my area.  I remembered that I had caught them on different stretches of bank in the same creek on the first two days, so I decided to fish a new stretch.  It was going to be my last stretch before I made a change, and I ended up catching two pretty quickly.  That made me give the creek some more time and I caught five keepers between 11:30 and 12:30.” 

What was the most challenging/surprising aspect of your day?
“The most surprising part was that I didn’t have the knot in my stomach that I normally get when I don’t have a good morning.  This year is just a different year for me and I have a ton of family support.  I’m not going to say that I was happy that I only had one fish in the livewell at 11:30, but I didn’t get spun out at all.” 

How would you assess your decision making and execution on the water?
“I’d say that it was pretty good.  I did have one 4-pounder follow my bait and swirl on it late in the day, and I may have missed that fish because I was getting in a little bit of a hurry.  I rushed t he cast because I was going from one area to the next on my trolling motor.  I would call it a missed opportunity, but there was really nothing that I could do about it. That was the first fish in three days where I feel like I may have made a mistake.”  


1st:    Rayovac pro Jason Christie, Park Hill, Okla., 15 bass, 47-7
2nd:   Keystone Light pro Brandon Coulter, Knoxville, Tenn., 15 bass, 44-15
3rd:    Shawn Murphy, Nicholasville, Ky., 15 bass, 44-2
4th:    Koby Kreiger, Okeechobee, Fla., 15 bass, 42-13
5th:    Folgers pro Scott Suggs, Bryant, Ark., 15 bass, 42-12
6th:    Chevy pro Anthony Gagliardi, Prosperity, S.C., 15 bass, 41-9     
7th:    Walmart pro Mark Rose, West Memphis, Ark., 15 bass, 40-14
8th:    Barry Wilson, Birmingham, Ala., 15 bass, 39-15
9th:    Stacey King, Reeds Spring, Mo., 15 bass, 39-9
10th:  Jim Dillard, West Monroe, La., 15 bass, 38-0
11th:  Austin Terry, San Angelo, Texas, 15 bass, 37-8, $12,500
12th:  Todd Hollowell, Fishers, Ind., 13 bass, 36-7, $12,500
13th:  Tom Monsoor, La Crosse, Wis., 15 bass, 34-11, $12,500
14th:  Chevy pro Jimmy Houston, Cookson, Okla., 12 bass, 34-6, $12,500
15th:  Cody Meyer, Auburn, Calif., 15 bass, 33-12, $12,500
16th:  Ishama Monroe, Hughson, Calif., 14 bass, 33-8, $12,000
17th:  Cody Bird, Granbury, Texas, 11 bass, 32-15, $12,000
18th:  Christopher Brasher, Hallsville, Texas, 12 bass, 32-1, $12,000
19th:  James Watson, Waynesville, Mo., 14 bass, 31-10, $12,000
20th:  Straight Talk pro Scott Canterbury, Springville, Ala., 12 bass, 30-12, $12,000